Volunteer Crisis Supporter

"Nothing grounds you quite like working as a Crisis Supporter for Lifeline. In a world that’s keen on telling us we’re isolated and disconnected, from the Lifeline Centre through to the people you speak to, there is a sense of community. You connect with people like you wouldn’t believe.

People often talk about the good things Crisis Supporters do for the community, but that community on the phones can give a heck of a lot back as well. Here are real people with real problems who are willing to be vulnerable and share with you what’s going on. It’s incredibly humbling and grounding to let someone share in that manner.

And it’s given me a lot.

Because of my experiences as a Crisis Supporter, I smile at strangers in the street. I answer that little bit of banter shared in a slow moving cafe line. I see beauty on the bus and everywhere else I forgot to look for so long. It’s helped me manage the stress of managing my small business better and be a better community manager to freelancers I come into contact with. I’ve grown as a person as a result of the training and my early experiences.

Lifeline is a place full of people that have two common goals- a suicide free Australia and the desire to connect with and support community. The organisation trains us, helps us and supports us to so we can reach our potential. From the first call through to an imminent risk call, there’s a sense of a safety net that allows you to focus on your caller to create the best possible outcome.

Helping ordinary Australians uncover the strength they’ve forgotten they had helps us all."

Rebekah Lambert

Probationary Volunteer Crisis Supporter

Lifeline South Coast

Lifeline provides a National Telephone Crisis Support Service on 13 11 14. The service aims to support people in their time of emotional distress or crisis. The Crisis Supporters operating this service are volunteers and work from offices in Wollongong.

To become a Volunteer Crisis Supporter for Lifeline’s 24 Hour Crisis Support Service you will need to successfully complete the National Crisis Supporter Training Course, make a commitment to regular shifts and pass a National Criminal Record check. This will ensure you will be confident, skilled and able to provide support to Lifeline’s callers in their time of need. The training course includes e-learning, face-to-face training sessions, practice sessions, observation of accredited Crisis Supporters, skill role plays and assessments.

Lifeline South Coast offers training under Lifeline Australia RTO 88036. Please view information from Lifeline Australia regarding our National Training Program by visiting the Lifeline Australia website


Lifeline South Coast is offering three training courses in 2018.  A compulsory information night for each course will be held in Wollongong. You MUST attend the information night to be eligible to apply.


Volunteer Crisis Supporter training courses 2018

Course 1:        20 January  – 11 May 2018

followed by  a 12 month probationary period.

Applications have now closed.


Course 2:        19 May – 12 September 2018

followed by a 12 month probationary period.

A compulsary information night will be held at 5.30pm on Wednesday 28 March 2018 in Wollongong.  You can find out the details and register your interest by emailing training@llsc.org.au.

You can read the proposed timeline for this course here.


Course 3:        18 August  – 14 December 2018

followed by  a 12 month probationary period

A compulsary information night will be held at 5.30pm on Thursday 5 July 2018 in Wollongong.  You can find out the details and register your interest by emailing training@llsc.org.au.

You can read the proposed timeline for this course here.


Please read the following documents before attending one of our training information sessions

1. Volunteer Crisis Supporter Position Description

2. Pre-enrolment Information Booklet

3. Frequently asked questions about Volunteer Crisis Supporter training


If you have any further questions, please email our training team on training@llsc.org.au.


The Lifeline South Coast Volunteer Crisis Support Training Course is proudly sponsored by BlueScope WIN Community Partners.