50-Hour Phone Marathon To Celebrate 50 Years

Mar 11, 2019

To celebrate Lifeline South Coast’s 50th Anniversary, their dedicated Volunteer Crisis Supporters participated in a 50-hour phone marathon on Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis service. The marathon commenced at 9 am on Wednesday 27th February, and concluded at 11 am on Friday 1st March. An incredible 430 crisis calls were answered thanks to the commitment of 51 incredible volunteers.

It’s 11 am on March 1st, 1969 and Lifeline South Coast’s brand new 24/7 telephone crisis line receives its first call. That same year, volunteers would take 757 calls from people in crisis.

50 years later Lifeline South Coast is still supporting the local community, answering calls from people who are dealing with life presures including loneliness, suicidal thoughts, addiction, grief, abuse and relationship troubles, but in much greater numbers. In 2018, Lifeline South Coast answered a staggering 23,815 calls.

At the end of the marathon, staff were congratulated by Lifeline Australia Chair, and former state Liberal leader, John Brogden. Having battled with his own mental health issues, Mr Brogden knows only too well how a service like Lifeline can change the course of someone’s life.

“I know how dark that space can be, but knowing there’s a place like Lifeline that’s there 24/7 can really help. Even if you think no-one cares, Lifeline does. Even if you think no-one wants to listen, Lifeline does.” – John Brogden (original article) 

Lifeline South Coast would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in the 50-hour phone marathon, and all those that keep the service operating each day. The contribution these people make to the organisation and to the lives of people in crisis can never be overstated.

If you have thought about volunteering with us, please check out our volunteering opportunities or contact us with any questions.